Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fun Facts about The Czech Republic

* 1 - The record for the most dumplings eaten in one sitting is around 57 (which you'd know is an insane number if you have ever eaten knedliky - they are starchy and very filling)

* 2 - Czech people, men especially, love beer and there is rarely a meal without pivo on the table

* 3 - Czechs pride themselves as the world's largest per capita beer drinkers, consuming 41.5 gallons (157 liters) per person in 2003

* 4 - Christmas dinner consists of Carp (fish) which is cooked right after it spends a few hours swimming around in the bathtub 

* 5 - Cabbage is a popular vegetable to use in salads

* 6 - Searching for Mushrooms in the forests is a common activity enjoyed by the whole family

* 7 - A man named Jan JanskĆ½ was the first to study blood, separating it into 4 types (A, B, AB, O)., which increased the safety and effectivity of blood transfusions. He also urged people to voluntarily donate blood to help other people

* 8 - The czech flag consists of red, blue and white. The colours stand for the following: Red (blood shed for freedom), Blue (imperiality & sovereignty) and White (traditional Bohemian colour and also represents sky)

* 9 - The Czech Republic has one of the most least religious populations in Europe (which is strange as there is a church in almost every town/city)

* 10 - The Czech Economy relies heavily on the tourist industry


  1. Love these facts...especially the beer! So proud. :)

  2. 157 litres! i think we came close to that in one month!! no jokes, but we did drink ALOT of pivo!!

  3. super random question, whats your name? i'm citing your blog so i was wondering what your name was so i could give you the credit you deserve